Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Fun!

We have been having so much fun crafting this week, decorating the house for Valentine's Day and enjoying making this particular holiday last for a whole two weeks! Our Valentine's Day count down calendar has been so much fun to do in the evenings as a family and I've been posting about that over here on our family adventures blog that you can go check out if you're interested in any of the activities we've been doing so far.

I enjoy making things just as much as the kids do, so I had some fun creating these cute little pencil decorations to start our Valentine fun. :) The kids really enjoyed them and Joy told me that, 'It made math SO MUCH more fun to do."....So it was worth it, just for that! :)

We broke up the week a little bit by alternating schoolwork and a craft or Valentine themed activity. So we made lots of pretty things and had a lot of fun in the process. Here are a few of the many things we did.

We made some cards to mail to family...

We did some doily painting which made some beautiful prints and layered many other heart creations to make a fun collage...

Joshua and Faith made some sweet tissue paper hearts for our window...

Joy and I cut some red foam hearts and she strung them through a long pink ribbon to hang on the wall. 

They turned out so pretty!

The house is looking nice an festive now! We enjoyed some Valentine themed games and printables too.

We hid our heart numbers 1 - 12 around the house for Faith to find and then she did some number matching...

She's getting really good at recognizing numbers now and loves to play these kinds of games! It's especially fun when they are themed for the current holiday. :)

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