Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love Bugs!

We've been doing Valentine fun for days now and no one seems to be getting tired of! The kids are really loving it. :) This week we enjoyed learning about the human heart and enjoyed some fun facts that I posted about over here on our other page.

One  of our favorite countdown to Valentine's Day activities has been all the fun we had with our 'Love Bugs' today! You can find the link to download them here on 

First I asked the kids, "What is Love?" and got all sorts of sweet answers...hugs and kisses, sharing, being happy, treating each other nice, doing special things, etc...

Then I sent them on a hunt for the Love Bugs that were going to tell us a little about 'What love is.'

Looking for the Love Bugs...

One of them had a treasure map stuck to it!!

Before we could follow the treasure map, we lined up all of our love bugs and read each one and talked about what each of the 'love is' statements meant. 

Then it was time to follow the treasure map!

The treasure map had both drawn directions to different places in the house, and also actions they had to do before they could go to the next place! Here they are doing jumping jacks....I like activities that will wear them out! :)

There favorite one was when they had to do the 'Love Bug Wiggle' while played a song!

Crawling like a Love Bug...

They had a few other steps to do first, but here they are with the 'treasure' they found at the end of it all!

I printed off some extra Love Bugs, both the ones with 'love is' statements and the blank ones. I gave each of the kids some to cut out, then they took turns gluing them on a big page and decorating it with stickers. On the blank ones I wrote the answers the kids gave me to the question, "What are some things that Mommy and Daddy do that make you feel loved?" Some of their answers surprised me and through this little activity, a little more about each of their personalities and 'love languages' was revealed to me. I think this is something I'll remember to do each Valentine's day as the kids grow and change. It's nice to know specific things that I can do that really make them feel loved and what that is one kid is sometimes is completely different from the next!

I love the tongue sticking out as she concentrates!....

Then I enjoyed a lovely puppet show by the Love Bugs and they taught me all about each of the 'love is' statements that they wore. It was great!

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