Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Splash Park is Open!

The Splash Park opened up at the very end of May on post and the kids were thrilled!!! They were counting down the days till their very favorite thing to do in the summer was once again an option. :) We are blessed to have this available to us on post clear over here in Korea and it certainly helps the summers not feel so long.

I can't believe this is our THIRD summer here. Samuel was just a bitty baby his first summer here and he  didn't really get a chance to enjoy the water much that first year, but he sure does now!....

It's still their favorite place to hang with friends all summer. Here is Joshua (in the mask) and his new friend Drew. :)


Since my blog is kind of like a family scrapbook I wanted to post this one. We've been doing family game night during our weeks when our schedules have permitted it and we've all really enjoyed it. The kids very much look forward to game night. This picture is of the night we introduce the kids to Yahtzee!  We have taught them several new games over the last couple of months but this night we actually remembered to get a picture of it.  :)  It's one of those pictures that reminds me of one of our many happy times doing something all together. I hope someday seeing it, my children will remember it that way too!

Joshua Turned 6!

WAAAAAYYYYY back in May, Joshua turned 6.  :) I've been so bad about blogging that I'm just now posting pics of his 6th birthday and it's July! But as I've been trying to catch up and post about some of our favorite moments from the last few months Joshua's birthday definitely had to be included. :)

It was a Lego Star Wars theme and this year he decided he wanted to decorate his own cake.  :)

He made a whole scene on his cake with Lego Star Wars guys and was pretty happy with his finished product. 

Of course there were a lot of light sabers involved in the celebration!

We decided that Samuel was the best at playing dead during the battles! :)

We are so proud of the wonderful boy our Joshua is! He is sweet and funny and so playful and loving... It's hard to believe he's six already! Time sure does fly when you're having fun.  :)

Arboretum Field Trip

We had an amazing end of the year field trip to the beautiful Arboretum that is close to us here in S.Korea. The kids had such a great time with all their co-op friends and the weather was perfect! :)

All of the kids were super excited about the pond full of 4 leaf clovers! :)

We've had so many fun outings with our co-op this year, it was a really fun way to end the season together.  :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Combatives P.E.

This was by far Joshua's most favorite homeschool P.E. class this year.  :) Sgt.Craig (a homeschool Dad) came and taught our co-op some combatives moves and let the kids use some of the equipment too.

Faithy got really into it too! 
I love that the kids are getting to experience things that we would never have had a chance to be exposed to if we weren't in the Army.  :) 

This One is For Grandpa C.

This one is for Grandpa C.   :)  Do you know what the kids are doing?.......

There are somethings that just completely take me back to my childhood. Doing this with my kids was one of them.  :) I haven't heard them all giggle this much in a long time! And the whole time I just kept thinking of my Dad and all the silly songs and things he'd say when it was his chin face that was talking. :)

Love you Dad, and all the silly, wonderful memories from my childhood! :)

Springtime 2012

I have not blogged much the last several months but I know that the Grandparents especially would love to see some of the pictures of the things we did even though it's summertime now! Life has been busy for us Adamses over here in South Korea and I won't post about everything...just the highlights to catch us up to where we are now. I can't believe it's July already!

Well WAAAAAYYYY back in March we went to the Strawberry Farm and it was SUPER YUMMY!

 And in April before our sweet friend Amber who was living with us moved, we took her to the Palace and Fortress for some fun Korean culture!

The whole family.   :)
Ok, this one was too cute not to share. Samuel was having a serious talk with Daddy about staying close and not running off and his little pouty face was just too precious, I had to take a picture.  :)   

The guards....Joshua and Faith.  :)

My gorgeous hubby and his adorable babies! :) I'm one lucky Mama.