Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Fun Outside

We were SO blessed to be given two hand-me-down bikes this year from friends and we brought our little red trike to Korea with us. So that meant we only had to buy ONE bike this year for all four kids to be able to ride together! Faithy was the lucky one who got the new bike this year since we didn't have one that fit her. But everyone was happy just to have something to ride and now that we are living on post, there is a lot more room to ride all around.

Taking a break with Dad.   :)

He can't reach reach the pedals yet, but he loves 'driving' while Mom or Dad pushes!

We did an Easter egg hunt one day last week, but the big kids were too fast and I didn't get many pictures of them. But Faithy took her time and so I got some good ones of her.  :)

Samuel wasn't sure what to think about these eggs with treats inside. He opened and dumped several of them on the ground! 

Here is Samuel is flying his Space Shuttle, too cute!

Yarn Nest Project

We found a great project to use some of all the wonderful yarn that Oma has been sending us!

We cut lots of pieces of yarn, all different lengths and dipped them in watered down glue.

Then we wrapped them around bowls (glass works best incase you want to put them in the oven for faster drying). We wrapped the around and over the top, layering and weaving them all together to form a nest. 

Giving an almost 5 year old boy a bowl full of glue turned out to be MUCH messier than I had anticipated! LOL! :) He loved every minute of it. And was very slow about washing his hands afterwards because he enjoyed peeling the dry glue off of his fingers way more than cleaning them with soap and water.   :) Boys!

Our completed nests (upside down). We let them dry for a couple of days. 

The second day I put them in the oven on low for about an hour to help finish drying them out. Then we used them to hold some of our lovely dyed Easter eggs.  :) I think our nests turned out pretty neat!

We used blown eggs to dye this year so that we could keep them out in our nests and enjoy them!

And some of our eggs we turned into cute little critters like this adorable little guy...

School Day Fun

The kids have really been enjoying the extra white board I put up under the counter for them to use. It's been the source of much fun the last few weeks.

The kids have enjoyed playing with all the magnets that we have so that inspired me to start making magnets out of anything I could thinking of! :) So now we've got pom pom magnets, colored tiles, big buttons...

And Joy's favorite, the googly eyes!

It's been a fun new way to practice all those basic skills like colors, counting and patterns.

I think this is one of my favorite 'sweet moments' caught on camera...

Samuel is sitting in Faith's lap while she draws and writes her 'name letter F's' (her favorite thing to write) on the board.  :)

Faithy is loving her swing (with pink play-doh on her pants!)  :)

Faith helped me to make her name letters out of Bendaroos...

And she did a great job making several others all by herself!  :)

Our 'Earth Day' rocks...

We got our strawberry plants that we brought home from our field trip planted.

We also planted 'Mars Gardens' during our Mars study. And they are growing like crazy now!

I love her sweet angel face in this one...    :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Korean Strawberry Farm!

We had the awesome opportunity to go to a strawberry farm a couple of weeks ago. It was all organic and green house grown so the plants were well protected from all the yellow dust and other yucky things falling from the sky. The kids loved it!

They were so big and red and ripe and SO delicious!

Can you guess what our favorite part of the field trip was?  :)

We were allowed to fill one container per person to take home but we could EAT as much as we wanted while we were there! And they were good, REALLY GOOD...

Samuel, and the rest of us enjoyed them so much that no one was really very hungry for our picnic lunch we brought with us.  :)

The kids got to take turns mashing some strawberries into jam inside these giant pots.

We got to taste it while it was still was very yummy! :)

The kids were excited about our strawberry plants that we brought home!

We came home with a nice bundle, and they certainly didn't last long! I think we ate them all up in three days...we probably would have eaten them sooner but I kept cutting everyone off so they would last a little bit! :) I'm pretty sure they were the most flavorful strawberries I've ever eaten.