Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Great Use For A Box

Samuel has been recently enjoying finding new places for things to fit. And they are not always the best places for things. So to let him continue to explore this new skill without getting in trouble for sticking things where they don't belong, I  quickly grabbed a box (an empty instant oatmeal box) and wrapped it around the top and sides and cut a slit in it. He loves these great sturdy cards from our awesome 'Can You See What I See' game. They fit perfectly into the hole at the top. 
It took him a couple of minutes to figure it out, but once he did, he had a great time trying to fit them all in. 
This entertained him for quite awhile, and kept him from putting the cards inside the couch chairs or between the books on the bookshelves, under the tv, that little space behind the desk, in random drawers, or in the Wii...
He was pretty happy with himself when he got the hang of it. :)
And it was as simple as wrapping a box!


  1. You've got me wrapping different shaped boxes over here now...this is fun! Why is it they always love boxes and junk more than the expensive toys we buy them?! It drives me nuts. But this is a good idea, thanks!

  2. Your 'baby' isn't a baby anymore! He looks so big! And such a cutie! :)

  3. GiGi loved all your art work for the month.I am getting pictures made of them for my book and Samuel seems to love putting cards in his box. He’s getting to be a big boy,isn’t he? Your project on clouds I saved also and told my friend( who is a teacher) about it.What wonderful things you all are learning and I am so happy you share them with me. Give Daddy a big kiss from GiGi please on his birthday. I remember when he was your ages.Love you all.

  4. What a great way, and less frustration for you, to channel Samuel's natural inclination and encourage his motor skills.