Friday, February 4, 2011

"30" Reasons...

Today is my amazing husband's 30th Birthday!! So I wanted to share 30 of the many reason I love this man.....

30. He is the most FUN person I've ever met! And is the reason that "NO One Has More Fun Than The Adamses!"
29. No matter what is going on, he can always find a way to make me laugh or smile. :)
28. He is an AMAZING Father, our children are so blessed to have him!
27. He is SUCH a hardworker, he never does anything 1/2 way.
26. His passion for God is contagious!
25. He always knows how to fix things - even when the kids or I think they are beyond repair!
24. He has more patience than anyone I know.
23. He helps me with the laundry! :)
22. He's a total hottie no matter what he's wearing!
21. He believes that family is more important than anything else.
20. He loves to read and is so much smarter than me. :)
19. He'll eat anything I cook - even if it doesn't look that great!
18. He'll snuggle up and watch a movie with me anytime I want.
17. He is SO creative!
16. He makes a great Captain America...even has his own costume. :)
15. He enjoys moving every few years just like this Army life is perfect for us!
14. He is the most Patriotic guy I know...Proud to be an American!!
13. He's really just a 'big kid!'
12. He loves playing board games.
11. He does anything I ask him to do with me and the kids...(Valentine activities for 14 days!, Etc..) and he does is all with a smile. :)
10. He's NOT a procrastinator, unlike me. :)
9. He's much more organized than me, but never complains about 'my system'  :)
8. He has a beautiful singing voice, it's my favorite. :)
7. He's always so supportive of me, no matter what my latest venture is!
6. He is VERY compassionate.
5. He is musical...and loves me even though I'm not. :)
4. He can dance...and does so willingly! :)
3. He helps with our homeschooling whenever I ask and never says 'no'.
2. He never gives up....EVER!
1. He loves me unconditionally even with all my flaws and weaknesses!

These are just a few of the reasons, and I love him for all of this and SO MUCH MORE!!
I hope that he has a wonderful birthday and that his day is as truly fun and special as HE IS!

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