Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our Short Week

It's been a busy week for us this week....Daddy had Monday off AND Friday! And when Daddy's home, our regular routine is turned a bit upside down!...But we LOVE having Daddy home, so that's ok! Then right in the middle of the week, we had MOPS, which was wonderful, but that was another 1/2 of a day taken up by something else. So our school week was a short one this week, but somehow we still managed to be pretty productive and get most everything that was on the schedule done. We just had some really full days on Tuesday and Thursday to make up for the rest of the week. :)

Joy was working so hard and doing great cramming a couple days worth of work into each day, that we had to take some time to rest, and do something really fun that we enjoy, to break up the day. I let her choose what she would like to do during that time and she asked to play Pick and Draw!

This is a favorite for the little artists in our house. The game is is a simple set of cards divided into five categories (face shape, hair, eyes, nose and mouth). We divided our cards up into their color coded categories and took turns drawing one from each to create our pictures. Here is one of Joy's...

The kids were laughing the whole time at their silly creations!

Here are some of Joy's silly faces after she added some color and bodies to them!

And some of Joshua's.  :)

It was an exciting week for Faith...she started drawing people for the first time! I remember when Joy and Joshua each started drawing people too, they did the same thing, as soon as they figured it out, they began drawing people over and over again on every picture they made. 

Faithy was really happy about it because she has been getting frustrated wanting to draw pictures of our family but not being able to put on paper what's in her head. She was so surprised by herself it was cute! She kept saying, "It worked! I drawed a people Mom!" :)

We saw probably 20 more people that she drew that day! She was so proud! We also enjoyed some of my printables I've been making and we did some sorting with colors and size and lots of counting, all Valentine themed! 

The other exciting thing she did was recognize all her numbers and put them in the right order all by herself! We had them all mixed up on the floor and we counted together as she searched for each number and placed them in line. This was the first time she did it without help! So it was a fun week of celebrating being 'a big girl' for her and so fitting since she's turning three on Saturday!

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