Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Day of Advent and We're Minus a Tooth!

December 1st, the day finally came! The kids were so excited about opening the first door of their advent calendar tree but we told them that we had to wait until after dinner. So all day they waited, and all day I tried to keep their sweet minds on other things.
THEN, something else really exciting happened before we even got around to our advent activity! Just as we all finished eating and were still sitting at the table, Joy said, "Oh no!" Then she got a giant grin, minus one tooth, on her face and it was then I could see what all the smiling was about.  :)
She was thrilled!
And she had about a hundred questions! LOL! :)
After we calmed down from the first exciting event of the night, we let the kiddos open the first door of the calendar.
I think the tooth kind of stole the show for the night, but we've got 23 more nights of this and tons of fun activities planned to do as a family so I'm okay with that.  :)
Joy read us all the first note and it told us to make a star for the top of the Christmas tree.
So we set to work right away and Daddy began cutting out star shapes for us to decorate.
It was super simple and easy but it was something that we could all work on together... and that's kind of the whole reason why I wanted to do and activity advent calendar, so it was a fun success and turned out very sweet! Not quite the beautiful glowing angel or fully lighted bright star, but it fits our tiny tree nicely and the kids are very proud of it.  :)

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  1. I LOVE the star! It's not quite the moving angel we had on our tree last year, but it's more meaningful. It's probably a good thing that you don't have a bigger tree that had to sit on the floor because of Samuel. This one's just right! I hope you let us know what the task is each day.