Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Tonight we had some friends over for dessert and it was way past bedtime by the time we were done visiting and they went home. But the kids insisted they could not go to bed without opening the advent calendar door and doing whatever it said we were suppose to do tonight. Thankfully, it wasn't anything that took very long, just a couple of fun games of Christmas BINGO!  :)
Their pages are all different, but it's always nice when they get 'blackout' at the same time.  :)
So we played a couple of quick games then they headed to bed...and now there's only 2 more days till Christmas!!!!
Our gluey snowmen that we made the other night were finally dry and we were able to peel them off today and add them to the window. They turned out so cute!

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  1. Looks like a blast :) wish I could be there to! Even though I rarely win at bingo lol.

    Uncle Stephen