Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Story of the Christmas Tree

Tonight we read The Story of the Christmas Tree and made our own little trees for our advent activity. I wasn't very good about snapping pictures tonight, but here are their completed trees drying. Joy and Joshua's are at the top and Faith's on the bottom.
They are a little sparse for lack of popsicle sticks but they still turned out looking like trees so I was happy. :) Poor Joshua tried his hardest to find 'boy' buttons in my very girly bag of buttons. He was sad to only find a few that were not pink, but he was a good sport about it! The kids seem to really enjoy the activities we've done that have stories to go along with them. I guess it gives the crafts more of a purpose. So I'm thinking I'll have to do more of that in the future, even when its not Christmas time.

Here's a completely unrelated picture from earlier today, but I thought it was really cute. Samuel has been drumming a ton for the last couple of days and has been so happy about. We have them lowered all the way down so he can reach and it's his current favorite thing to play with.  :)

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  1. Love the craft and Samuel is sooooo cute. He's getting so big. Sounds like you need a new supply of buttons.