Thursday, December 23, 2010

Advent Activity 23!

It's Christmas Eve Eve! Everyone is just bouncing off the walls today! Tonight was fun because we got to share our advent activity with friends. Thursday night is bible study night at our house so we had our group over as usual. The kids sit in for the first part; we read from the bible (we're studying Luke right now) and have a little discussion with them and then they all get to go play in the play room or do a craft while the grown ups continue their discussion. We've been doing this for a couple of months now and always just on the floor of the playroom which can get a little messy and difficult with all the kids. So today Peter bought me a little Korean table! It's perfect for the kids to all sit around and the legs fold right up and it stores away so easily. It's very light weight and will be perfect for pulling out to do puzzles or play-doh on and tons of other things! :)
I've never seen an American style table at any of the Korean stores, they are ALL low to the ground like this. I don't think I would like sitting on the ground for every meal like they do. Samuel LOVES it because it's just the perfect height for him to stand at and play. :)
After our activity, the girls used it for tea parties and picnics while the boys drove cars all over the rug.  :)
Our question for tonight was, "What does Jesus want for Christmas?" There was a little discussion involved getting to this point, but the answer.. Your Heart! So our craft was to decorate a heart to put inside an envelope addressed to Jesus.
Later in the evening we put them in the tree...
My Joy Joy was a HUGE help to me today!
We are having great fun making goodie bags for the soldiers!
There is still much to do tomorrow, but I know it's going to be great fun!! Peter has some awesome things planned for our Christmas Eve party.  :) I can hardly wait!!

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