Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 7 - Hot Cocoa and Carols!

I realized a few weeks ago when we started listening to Christmas music around here, that our kids (besides Joy) don't know many of the traditional Christmas carols yet. So of course a night of singing carols just had to be added to our advent activity calendar. To make it even more fun we had a yummy treat of hot cocoa with marshmallows after we sang. It didn't take long, but after a couple times through a few of the songs, they were starting to get the words and I'm sure by Christmas they'll be pros! :)
We had a lot of fun and laughs! Peter even did motions to some of the songs which the kids just loved.  :)
Faith Elaina wasn't much into singing tonight which is why I don't have a picture of her...I'm holding her while I take pictures and (try to) sing. Peter sings WAY better than I do so he pretty much did it all tonight. As I held her, Faith said she just wanted to listen to Daddy sing. :) All the kids love to listen to him sing. I noticed a few times they'd stop singing because they were so into listening to him! :) It was sweet. So tonight was pretty simple, but still a fun memory was made, and that's really what all of this is about! :)

So Faith wouldn't sing, but of course when it was time for hot cocoa, she was really into that!
And her silly big sister too!

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  1. Loving the advent updates! Hot cocoa sounds so good!