Saturday, December 11, 2010

메리 크리스마스!

Our Advent activity on our calendar today was to make a "Merry Christmas!" sign in Korean to put on our front door. We thought this would be nice since all of our neighbors are Korean. So I made the Korean characters and let the kids decorate around the words. Joy did all the gluing and directing! :)
They all glittered and stuck the sparkles on and we managed to get it done without any arguing! :) Sometimes there are creative differences, especially between Joy and Joshua... so we don't often work on one project together where they have to decide how it will look, they like to have their own, but today it worked so I was happy. :)
The finished work of art...
Hopefully it will make someone smile who sees it. (If only to say, "Look at those silly Americans trying to write Korean!")

Joshua sang Christmas songs to me today and 'played' his guitar. :)
Faith Elaina danced to Joshua's music. My littlest ballerina...
Peter finished the second of three papers today that are due this weekend for his Master's program. He was able to take a little break this afternoon and go see 'Tangled' with us at the movie theater on post..(For free! That's always nice!) It was a really cute movie, we all enjoyed it! Then we ended the day with a little Charlie Brown Christmas and the cartoon Grinch movie. It was a relaxing (for all of us BUT Peter!) and fun Saturday at the Adams' house. :)

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