Friday, December 10, 2010

15 Days till Christmas!

Our advent activity for day 10 was a 'snowball fight'...with socks!
We told the kids to sit on the carpet in the middle of the floor so we could tell them what our activity was going to be. Mom got to open the calendar door today.  :) They were waiting patiently and excited when suddenly they were bombarded with 'snowballs' by Daddy who was hiding behind the couch! Joshua jumped up right away and threw it back!
It was great fun, and really nice to let them run around a bit since it's been so cold and we have not spent much time outside. They needed to burn off some energy!
The kids got brave and ran right up to Daddy hiding behind the couch to get him back!
Even Samuel was throwing 'snowballs'!
This went on for quite some time...
And ended with everyone eventually attacking Daddy and wrestling in the piles of 'snowballs'.  :)
At one point Joy crawled under the laundry basket that had held the 'snowballs' and her little brother and sister ganged up on her and trapped her in there!
So the house was a mess of socks and I figured that I'd just clean it up after everyone went to bed, but Peter somehow got the kids excited about racing to see who could collect the most 'snowballs' and put them back into the basket worked! So it was fun AND I didn't have to clean it up! :)

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