Monday, December 20, 2010

Only 4 More Days!!!

Everyone is so excited in the house as we count down another day! Today was a very busy day for us with our homeschool co-op cookie exchange and Christmas party. We came home with 48 cookies of several different kinds, and lots of new recipes to try! Daddy has a lot of cookies to eat now! :)

So tonight's activity was fun and easy since we were all pretty tired. We made 'melting snowmen' of my favorite crafts we did last winter, though somehow the kids don't remember doing this last year. They enjoyed it tonight though. It's super easy, we just squeezed  a whole bunch of white glue on to wax paper, then decorated with eyes, nose and a few other accessories.  :)
I absolutely LOVE that they all turned out so different! Can you guess who made each one? In a couple of days the glue will be dry and we can peel them off of the wax paper and hang them on the window, they look a little transparent and completely adorable when they are finished! I'll post another picture of them in a few days when they are done. 
Did you guess it right? Joshua's, then Faith's and lastly...the snowman in pink is Joy's! :)

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