Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas A Week Away!

Today we began our Christmas baking, and since Daddy wasn't going to be home again until late, we took the opportunity to wrap his presents! Faith was very proud of her 'F' that she wrote on his present so he would know it was from her. :)
I think they licked more frosting than they actually put on the cookies! They were so wired by bedtime that it took them an extra hour to quiet down!
We realized tonight that Samuel can now reach anything that is on the table if it is close enough to the edge. I found this out as I turned around and caught him snatching one of our yummy strawberry scone cups off the table!
He then went under the table to eat it! He thought he was being pretty sneaky! :)
We also did a little rearranging of the living room. One of our neighbor friends inspired me! :) (Thank you Lisa!) So our tree is now in the center of the window instead of off in the corner. I think the living room looks better like this. It'll be sad when the tree has to come down though. Can you see the popcorn on it? Some of our dear little friends made that special for us to decorate our tree!
We also made some graham cracker 'gingerbread houses' this week with our friends. I didn't know what to do with them at first, but they found their place amongst the 'snowy trees'. Only Faith's house actually has a roof and Joshua's is the one that is open...he said it's a 'garage'.  :)
Lastly, we hung up a few new ornaments we made and I think this one is my favorite this year....
My baby's handprint, so tiny and sweet. :)

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