Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advent 2011 Day 6 - Songs of Praise!

We read tonight in Luke about Mary and Elizabeth and how they were both excited about the coming births of their special babies! (Jesus and John the Baptist) Mary was so encouraged when she went to visit Elizabeth, the Bible says she started singing! So our activity tonight was to sing some songs together while Daddy played the guitar. We sang a few Christmas carols and some praise songs too.

The photo credit goes to Joy and Joshua tonight....they enjoyed the camera for awhile while we sang. It started off a little rough, we had some "that's it?" attitude after our fun Lego activity last night. But after a few minutes, everyone was soon enjoying some songs together.   :)

Faith Elaina wasn't feeling well, and when that happens, she makes sure everyone knows.  :(  Thankfully, some singing helped distract her for a bit. 

Joy was into it the whole time of course and at one point was up dancing around the room as she sang.  :) That girl really loves music and loves to sing LOUD.

So it may not have been the most exciting one for the kids, but I really enjoyed it. I love listening to my soldier play his guitar and sing...his voice is my most favorite.  :)  And singing songs of praise to God as a family, that's right on the top of my list of awesome things for us to do together. It was a special time for me, and I think every once in awhile there has to be a 'fun for Mom' activity in there!  :)


  1. The kids will always remember singing together...they may not appreciate it as much right now, but it will be a great memory! Really wish I could have been there for this one...I love to listen to you guys sing.


  2. Faith,I hope you get to feeling better real soon .Joy ,your hair do is beautiful. Boys, I bet you sing like your Dad. GiGi