Saturday, December 10, 2011

Advent 2011 Day 10 - Mini Christmas Land!

Tonight we had some fun making little 'Christmas Land' dioramas...

We printed some Christmas trees, presents and other Christmas and winter themed things, like reindeer, elves and such and the kids cut them out and used them in their own little scene. 

The kids added some things like cotton balls for snow, glitter glue, pipe cleaners and pom poms and are still working on them. So far here is what they look like, but I'll post a picture again next week after they've been added to...

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  1. Love it! A couple of years ago I noticed that one of my teachers for elementary school students with emotional disabilities had encouraged her students to create a cereal box "town" when they were inbetween work assignments. She found that it was a wonderful avenue for the creative students to design and produce buildings, landscapes, people, vehicles and the possible stories they were living out. I almost cried with wonder at how complex some of the background drawings were and some real artistry on the part of one girl. Amazing.