Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where's Samuel?

I've had a lot of people email me and ask me what Samuel does all day and what I 'do with him' while I am doing all these things with the other kids. Well...Samuel is right there with us all in the middle of it! He loves to hear the books read, play with many of the toys with the other kids, listen to the kids sing songs and just watch his siblings having fun all around him! :) Often, when we're doing things at the table, he's in his seat right at the table with us. He'll have his own toys or things to play with but I don't leave leave him out. When he's napping and when Faith is napping is when Joy, Joshua and I get more of our serious school work done and focus on our curriculum, but most of it can happen right along with the rest of our day.

Our Baby Flash has been REALLY into dumping lately though and can open the dvd drawer and the drawers of clothes underneath the bunk beds. SO....I've been trying to find him PLANNED things to dump. Some how, that's a little less frustrating to clean up than the pile of clothes he can throw out of the drawer or the mess he can quickly make flinging dvds all over the living room in a matter of seconds!! (Right over his shoulder! Frustrating, but hilarious!)

Here he is with his bowl of kitchen things that he dumped and explored one day this week....too cute!

 I think this is my favorite! LOL! He's got that 'deer in the headlights' look...

He'll do this all day long with big legos, blocks, any toys or his favorite... anything that ISN'T a toy and looks like it should be off limits for him! He's got his siblings well trained...he'll dump the whole bucket of whatever he's playing with, then they'll pick it all up for him just to watch him do it again! It's apparently entertaining for them, but I think we're going to need to start working on the 'putting it back IN' before Samuel thinks someone is always going to clean up his messes!

This little guy is SO funny, I can't wait for everyone to see him when you come to visit or we make it back to the States next summer! I hope all my blogging is helping you to feel like you still know the kids and can see their personalities. I know all the grandmas and grandpas are missing them lots! And we are missing you too!


  1. He is SUCH a honey! Cutest boy I've ever seen!!!!!!!!

  2. He started doing this while he was still here. That's why we had to get a basket he could put in his mouth...he'd throw all the toys out and then chew on the basket. Thanks so much for sharing glimpses of your day.

  3. Such a cutie!!!
    Love, Grandpa