Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Terminator

Peter was so excited when two days ago, he was invited to be one of just a few guys from his company that was going to go up to Seoul and meet Arnold Schwarzenegger....
He even bought new ACU's to wear! LOL! So yesterday after work he loaded up on the bus and got to go on his exciting adventure. He said Mr. Schwarzenegger was very nice and gave a great speech to all of the soldiers and civilians. Then he got to meet him and shake his hand. His exact words when he got home were...."Who cares that he's the governor of California, I got to meet THE TERMINATOR!" And then he went on to tell me how HUGE 'The Terminator's' hands were! Apparently, he's a pretty big guy in person...which is to be expected of 'The Terminator' I suppose. LOL! 
Here are a couple of the many pictures he got last night.  :)

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