Saturday, September 18, 2010

Too Many Dishes!

We went adventuring today, which was lots of fun, but it's too late to post all about that so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Part of our adventure though was going out to eat and once again I could not believe the number of dishes that were on the table. We went out with friends and total there were 10 of us eating, 6 of those being little kids and at one point I counted 41, yes FORTY ONE dishes on the table! We only ordered TWO meals. Each of them were big enough to feed a family so that's all we got but Korean meals come with TONS of side dishes and seasoning and dips. We enjoyed watching the Dad's cook our food right in the middle of our tables and it ended up being very yummy...we were all really hungry by this point in our day. It's not only these kinds of places where you cook your food right in front of you that you get so many dishes, it's this way at all the Korean restaurants we've tried! Even the places where we each ordered our own meal, we still got anywhere from 4-10 dishes's crazy! And certainly different from America and our 'all in one' dish meals that are often popular! LOL!

I got brave and tried one of the sides which was seaweed soup. It wasn't bad and not really at all what I expected, it went down pretty easy and wasn't chewy, it was soft. The best way I can think of to describe it is that it tasted like the ocean smells. It was.... interesting.

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