Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Building Pyramids

Since we are studying Ancient Egypt, one of our projects this week was building pyramids! We built ours with sugar cubes. :)
Making the foundation....look at how different their piles are! LOL!
SuperGirl helped Daddy count out the cubes and stack them for their pyramid.
It was fun having everyone be involved in this project. 
Counting cubes with Daddy...
She did it!
Their completed work of art...
And CaptainAmerica's and WonderWoman's...
Now, we never really made a big deal about what we were building them out of. The kids were just excited to get started and began pulling the "white cubes" out of the boxes. We never mentioned anything about them being edible. Of course SuperGirl would be the one to do this...
She was a little distracted once she TASTED the art project! LOL!
And of course we couldn't just build our pyramids by the directions in our book....Daddy had to encourage them to build 'entries to the tombs'!
Then they decided to put all of their cubes together and build a big one.
Everyone helped!
Then everyone wanted to eat it!
But I wouldn't let them! Just the thought of them chewing sugar cubes made me cringe!!!! So we put it 'on display' in one of our many glass cases in the living room and I told the kids we could save it for a few days to admire before it had to go. (I have no intention of inviting ants into our house, so the solid sugar pyramid must go soon!)

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