Friday, September 17, 2010

Exploring Our 'Backyard'

I'm really missing having our own backyard to play in but we are still trying to get outside everyday for a bit while the sun is still shining. This week after our indoor magnifying fun for school time (you can see their silly pics if you click here) we headed outside to see what their was to see.
Right now there are peppers everywhere drying outside. Someone had some drying out on our shared patio this week and we had to go take a closer look...
The local people have these and other foods out drying all over the place. Sometimes, even in the middle of the road! And I guess we're all just suppose to drive around it. I don't think anyone would even consider putting their garden of foods out to dry in the middle of the street in America, but here, it's totally normal! I'm not sure what else that is out drying in the road with the peppers but we see a lot of it too. 
There are tons of dragonflies around right now also. And some of them are really big! They are very fast though so it's exciting when one stops close enough and low enough for us to get a good look at. We were pretty lucky this week and the kids got to see some up close.
We haven't figured out what these berries are yet, but they are all over our trees our in the yard and around the playground. We've seen the Korean children collecting them after they've fallen on the ground but I'm not sure if it's good to eat. We haven't tried it, but they are interesting to look at. They are kind of speckled like a strawberry but round and a bit fuzzy....hmm. I'm going to try and ask one of the Korean ladies next time I see one that I know speaks english.
Exploring our 'backyard' here is definitely different than our backyard in the states. It's not as comfortable as having our own, but it sure offers some neat new experiences.

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  1. I love peppers! Those look very yummy to me!