Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Joshua's Room in Korea

Okay, this isn't about any of our activities or creations but it IS something 'Captain America' wanted to show off to all of his grandparents....
 He's very excited about his room. We put up his Superman when all of our household good came but we just added his name this week. I think the letters turned out pretty cute. I just found awesome free digital scrapbook letters, printed, then spent WAY too much time cutting them out! It was worth it though, he loves it! Samuel's name will go up on the other side when they eventually get cut out! LOL! He doesn't yet care about such things and isn't excited and impatient like his brother was to see his name on the wall! :)


  1. Fantastic! Papa said "so cool!" I think he'd like a room like that.

  2. You have made PaPa a VERY happy person .Another convert to Superman. How adorable! Just love all the things they are doing and learning. I am impressed and in awe. Kids are so adorable I can hardly stand it. Give yourself and the rest of the family lots of hugs and kisses from GiGi