Friday, September 17, 2010

Silly Pics and Fun Times This Week

We had lots of fun with our magnifying glasses this week! The kids took some silly pictures that I promised them I'd put up to show all the Grandma's and Grandpas. So here they are...
We used our magnifying glasses for a new game I printed out and made this week.  The big sheet has tiny pictures on it and they used their magnifying glasses to look through them and match them with the big pictures. I'm not sure where this one came from, a friend sent it to me, but there are other magnifying games at also. :)
I made a few different pages of themes like transportation, animals and food and all the kids took turns with each page. 
Even SuperGirl could do this one!
They continued inspecting everything in the house and noticing all sorts of new details they didn't realize were there. We went outside to explore our 'backyard' too and I posted about some of the things we saw over on my other here
Another fun thing we did this week (several times because it was a hit!) was have an 'Alphabet Hunt'. Another great idea from
I hid the alphabet all over the living room then had the kids come and search for letters. I told them that the only rules were, when you found a letter you had to call out it's name and letter sound if you knew if and place it in the middle of the floor in our alphabet line in the place they thought it would go, before they went and found another letter. It was a frenzy 10 minutes of fun and the kids did so great figuring out if the letters came at the beginning or the end of the alphabet and they got them all in order without help. Of course, this was a little easy for WonderWoman, but she enjoyed it anyway! SuperGirl loved getting to play something with the big kids and she knew every letter that she found!
They were hidden all over! Some were easy and others more difficult so they really had to look. CaptainAmerica and WonderWoman were really good about leaving the easy ones for SuperGirl.
We played it 4 or 5 times the first day, and they've asked to play it everyday since! Somehow, it's still fun for them each time but I'm running out of hiding places! We're going to have to do it in another room next time. I love it when I can sneak in a little learning in our fun.  :)


  1. Brea! You...are....a....genius! My kids must think I'm SO boring! Thanks for the ideas, you always have great ones! And thanks for letting me copy you. :) I'm sure my kids appreciate it too! Ha! Ha!

  2. Why can't I think of stuff like this? It's SO SIMPLE! Love the blog, thanks for sharing!

  3. Where did you print these out from? Sterling would love all of these new activities!

  4. Breanna - did the magnifying glass adventures include burning ants? If not, go back and do it again. :o) Seriously, you are amazing. Your kids are lucky. Love ya! Dad

  5. Hi Joy, Joshua, and Faith! I've never seen people with such big mouths! No wonder you all can eat so many pancakes! It looks like you are all learning lots of cool things! We love your pictures and seeing what you are doing there in Korea. See you soon on Skype!! Love, Grandma and Grandpa (ha! ha!) Churchill
    *give Samuel a hug for us!

  6. Your children are so blessed to have such a fun clever Mom!It is wonderful to see & read about all your adventures! Even though we do not talk much it's great to be updated on your adventures so much! Kind of closes the distance a little more. We love you and miss you all so much! Love Nana & Papa F.