Monday, September 27, 2010

Mommy's Helper

We are that crazy family that walks into the library each week with a giant basket to fill with books. I love reading to the kids and finding new stories each week. Recently, they've wanted to have me sit in front of them like the Librarian does during Storytime while I read to them, all piled on the couch. But BabyFlash wants to be right in the middle of it and help Mommy with the books. He's not happy unless he's got one to hold onto while we read! Here are a couple of pictures that WonderWoman took of me and my helper one day while we read. And this is only a small pile from the big basket of books we got that day! Mommy can only read so much aloud in one day though, so we've got to spread them out.  :)


  1. Samuel's looking sooooo grown-up. You guys look so very happy, though. I'm glad the library is still a pleasure for everyone.

  2. Be sure and tell Joy what GREAT pictures she took of you and Samuel. Looks like she is following in her Mother’s shoes.

  3. I think Wonder Woman may have her Mom’s photographic talents! Please tell her she takes wonderful pictures…..nice to see you in them instead of always taking them of everyone else! I love you all and miss you gobs!