Thursday, September 16, 2010

M.P. Dogs

This week we had the opportunity to go see a presentation that the M.P.'s were putting on with their police dogs. Joy and Joshua really enjoyed it and Faith.....screamed her head off before we even walked in. So she and I sat out in the hall and I watched from the doorway.  :(
Joy and Joshua got to go in and sit with friends and they loved seeing the dogs do tricks and watching how they search through things and help the M.P.'s.
After the presentation the kids got to go pet the dogs and ask questions.
I tried several times to get Faith to go in with me but she refused. She told me it wasn't the dogs she was afraid of but the lion....
I tried everything I could think of to convince her it was just a guy in a dress up or a costume...but nothing was going to make her move as long as the lion mascot was in sight. It was very frustrating! But still worth it for the other kids to get to go and see.  :)

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  1. Poor Faith! I've never liked mascots either! Sorry you had to only enjoy it from the doorway. :(