Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pinnacle Park

Earlier this week we took the kids to Pinnacle Park in hopes of getting a family picture to use in our Christmas cards this year...a place we'd never been, but had seen beautiful pictures of from some of our friends. Well, the day we decided to go was the day our temperature here in South Korea dropped drastically! The day before we were playing outside in warm sunshine without any coats and then we woke up and went out....not realizing that this happened and we were FREEZING! Thankfully, we had grabbed our coats,  but boy was it cold...beautiful and sunny...but COLD!

We walked up this 'ZigZag Way' which was a much easier walk than it looked from this angle...

There were some fun things to see along the way....

Faithy especially liked the little garden house...

It was gorgeous, but we were all too cold to enjoy it very much.  :( We pretty much ran up the hill, just to try and stay warm!

The wind was blowing and just cutting right through us, but we kept on....

About halfway up there is this 'water garden' that is actually on top of the building that held the restrooms.....we see some strange things here in S.Korea!

It was surrounded by this little wind chime fence and they actually sounded very pretty this day because the wind was blowing so much!

We hiked some more stairs....(I'm sure all the grandparents are laughing by now thinking of how we are torturing our kids with this 'Family Walk' through the park in the freezing cold! LOL!)

We went all the way to the top to see the waterfall....that was so pretty....but again, WAY TOO cold out to enjoy! So we are definitely going to go back and try this again in the spring or summer, because I'm sure it's much more enjoyable when your teeth aren't chattering!

We never did get that family picture for the Christmas cards, the wind was even worse at the top of the hill and we were all getting blown over! But Daddy did manage to make the kids stand for one picture before they all started saying "I thought this was supposed to be fun?!"  :) LOL! Poor kids, the things we make them do sometimes....they were actually pretty good sports about it and we all ran down the hill, jumped in the warm van and went home for some hot chocolate afterwards!

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