Thursday, November 10, 2011

Compassion International

I have been so moved reading Ann Voskamp's blog about her experience with Compassion International and her trip she is currently on with with Compassion in Ecuador. There are so many children and families that need help all over the world but it's so easy to go through our comfortable days and not even think once about all the people whose lives are so desperately in need.

I encourage you to go on over to A Holy Experience and read Ann's blog about her involvement with Compassion and any of the other Compassion Bloggers over here as well. I dare you not to be moved, to not shed a tear and want to help. If nothing else, please pray for these children, that even just their basic needs will be met and that they will know how much God loves them, because He does, every single one of them.....every single one of us.

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