Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Fun With Leaves!

After collecting all of our beautiful leaves, we had to think of something to do with them all!

My little ones are always picking up 'treasures' occasional bug) and wanting to save them in the house. I don't care much for piles of these things all over inside the house, so my compromise is that if we bring them in, we have to create with them! So we decided to make some beautiful leaf collages and some fun leaf 'people' too!

I had to add these pictures because I find it so interesting watching my children's skills develop and Faith Elaina (3 1/2) has yet to favor one hand when she writes. I snapped a series of pictures as she was writing her name because I noticed she was switching hands between every letter...

I'm trying not to influence her one way or the other, and I think it's so amazing to watch the process as each child figures it out. It'll be interesting to see what she chooses in the end! :)

I love to ask the kids to tell me about their creations and sometimes write what they tell me on them. This one Faith told me "Three leaves are walking in the sunshine."  :)

Joshua made some cute leaf 'people' too.  :)


  1. Any place where the leaves go walking in the sunshine sounds like a great place to be!!! What a great imagination you have Faith, no matter what hand you write with. :) Love and hugs to ya, Grandpa and Grandma C.

  2. Oh these are so cute, have ot try that with my class of 3-4 year olds. Thanks so much for linking up this week & I look forward to following your blog from now on. I am also glad to hear a parent who is not woried about their young child switching hands - perfectly normal at this age!

  3. Adorable! Thanks for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party! Be sure to get the party button (or a text link if you prefer) to share on your post and invite your readers to come join the party! :-)