Friday, April 22, 2011

Some New House Pictures...

I know our family and friends back 'home' are wanting to see some new house pictures and I keep thinking that eventually I'll have time to take some more, but I decided that I'd go ahead and post what I have and I'll show ya more later! :)

We woke up the morning of our move to this...

Of course the last snow of the season was the night before we moved! Thankfully the sun came out and it warmed up pretty quick. Our Korean moving company came with this big funny truck that opened up on both sides. 

The kids thought it looked like wings...

They got it all in!

They brought it to our new house on post and dropped it all off, then we had a giant mess!

Wasn't it nice of our Korean movers to label the boxes for us? :) Wish we could have read it! It would have made unpacking MUCH easier. 

We were all pretty exhausted from unpacking. Even Samuel passed out in the middle of it all...

We've got SO much more space now, it's fabulous! But all the walls and everything look pretty empty. All of our furniture is Army issued, so it's all kind of miss matched and mostly green, LOL!

This is the living room. The front door is on the left.

This is the entrance to 'The Man Cave'.  :)

The view inside The Man Cave...

We're on the 7th (top) floor, so we get lots of wonderful sunshine in the morning!

 I love how bright it is!

The kitchen has two entrances and a LOT more counter space than our Korean apartment had.

Here's our room. It's kind of sad how empty it is! It looks like a hotel room, all plain and boring! Eventually I'll get some pictures in there or something.

 I haven't taken pictures of the kids' rooms or the playroom yet, but Joy was thrilled not to have to have the beds bunked anymore since there is enough room to have them separate now. :)

The first morning in the new house, this was the view we woke up to...

Then a few days later, we woke up and we were in the clouds!

Normally, we can look out and see a lot of the Army post, but this day, we couldn't see anything from the 7th floor!

That's all the house pics for now, hopefully I'll get around to taking and posting more soon!

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