Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Fun Outside

We were SO blessed to be given two hand-me-down bikes this year from friends and we brought our little red trike to Korea with us. So that meant we only had to buy ONE bike this year for all four kids to be able to ride together! Faithy was the lucky one who got the new bike this year since we didn't have one that fit her. But everyone was happy just to have something to ride and now that we are living on post, there is a lot more room to ride all around.

Taking a break with Dad.   :)

He can't reach reach the pedals yet, but he loves 'driving' while Mom or Dad pushes!

We did an Easter egg hunt one day last week, but the big kids were too fast and I didn't get many pictures of them. But Faithy took her time and so I got some good ones of her.  :)

Samuel wasn't sure what to think about these eggs with treats inside. He opened and dumped several of them on the ground! 

Here is Samuel is flying his Space Shuttle, too cute!

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