Wednesday, April 27, 2011

School Day Fun

The kids have really been enjoying the extra white board I put up under the counter for them to use. It's been the source of much fun the last few weeks.

The kids have enjoyed playing with all the magnets that we have so that inspired me to start making magnets out of anything I could thinking of! :) So now we've got pom pom magnets, colored tiles, big buttons...

And Joy's favorite, the googly eyes!

It's been a fun new way to practice all those basic skills like colors, counting and patterns.

I think this is one of my favorite 'sweet moments' caught on camera...

Samuel is sitting in Faith's lap while she draws and writes her 'name letter F's' (her favorite thing to write) on the board.  :)

Faithy is loving her swing (with pink play-doh on her pants!)  :)

Faith helped me to make her name letters out of Bendaroos...

And she did a great job making several others all by herself!  :)

Our 'Earth Day' rocks...

We got our strawberry plants that we brought home from our field trip planted.

We also planted 'Mars Gardens' during our Mars study. And they are growing like crazy now!

I love her sweet angel face in this one...    :)

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