Friday, June 18, 2010

Trip to Osan and The Market

Yesterday we went to Osan to get out SOFA stamps for our visas so we don't all get deported in 30 days. This was our least favorite part of the trip. 
Pretty sad looking isn't she. I think I kind of understand why there are so many 'illegals' in the U.S. This wasn't very much fun. 

But the rest of Osan was. We shopped at the BX on the Airforce Base and picked up some things that we were not able to find on our Post here at Humphreys. We also skimmed through the clothes for me (since I only showed up to Korea with the clothes on my back remember?) I have picked up some things both at our post and in Osan but it is kind of hard to find much here that isn't Bedazzled or Blingged out! LOL! They seem to like everything to be sparkly, shiny, sequin, studded and jeweled. Not exactly the style I'm going for. But we found some things.  :)

As we were waiting for the bus back we noticed the soda machine in the bus station. It said on this can of what we thought looked like Mt. Dew, "Original American Style Taste". So Peter bought one to try. We all thought that the skinny little can was kind of funny. 
It actually does say "Mt. Dew" on the other side of the can in English.....but it does not taste like real Mt. Dew.  :( It tastes like the generic store brand lemon/lime stuff. So not the same. But they do sell the real stuff at the commissary so it's okay. We had to try the Korean kind once though. 

Here are some pictures of the land around. It is very green and there are some hills and small mountains but mostly really thick woods and food growing everywhere. 

Rice! Rice! And More Rice!

We walked to the street market today that is just a couple of blocks from our house. Here's another garden in the middle of the road....
They don't seem to waste any useable land. I don't think I've seen just a patch of grass anywhere. Every possible place they could grow food they are. It's pretty amazing. 

And here they are selling it. The market was pretty cool to walk through. They had so many different things. Food, clothes and so much more. You can barter and haggle almost everything. 
We kept smiling at all the cute little animals they use on their signs on many of the stores and restaurants.

What do you think this store is? "I LOVE DOG"....

Its actually a pet beauty shop. :) Well, Peter has the next week off still before he starts work. So we plan to do a lot more exploring before then!


  1. Love the pics of the fields -- looks so pretty there!

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