Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lotte Mart

Today we went to Lotte Mart....The Korean version of our Target or KMart...only really big! There was a playground right outside so we let the kiddos play for a bit before we went shopping. Samuel enjoyed his turtle ride.  :)
He's getting so big!
There was a cool indoor garden/pond area inside the store. The kids were excited about the real fish swimming around in it. 
This is like our Dollar General back in the states. It's a little section store inside of the big store. 
Here is Samuel riding on the special escalator made for the shopping carts. It was very cool, they lock in place once you roll onto it. The store is three levels and you can take your cart through the whole thing using the escalators.Everybody enjoyed the rides up and down! Our friends Carrie and Lukas took us there! :)We had lunch at a Korean fast food place, I don't remember the name. They had a little food court area on one of the floors. After lunch we got dessert. This was mine...
There is a little scoop of ice cream on the top and underneath is tons of fruit and....chocolate covered beans....apparently red beans are used in a lot of desserts here. Not what I expected at all. Then under the fruit is shaved ice and fruit juice. It was really yummy. I did taste all of it, even the red beans, and it was interesting. It was actually a nice balance having them mixed in with the super sweet fruit and creamy shaved ice. I think I'd order it again. :) We ended up spending a couple hours at the Lotte Mart, you can kind of get lost in there with all there is to look at and enjoy. It was a fun day and I think we'll be going back again sometime soon. 

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  1. That dessert looks so good! And Lotte Mart looks massive and awesome!