Monday, June 28, 2010

A Little Update...

So far we've been to three churches and the experience was....interesting. I really didn't think finding a church family over here would be so hard. I am now realizing how amazingly blessed we are in the United States to have such an abundance of wonderful churches to choose from. We've had the opportunity to be apart of so many and now I'm really missing all the church families we've had over the years from Hillside, United, Grace and First Naz...   :(
We keep praying though, I know God wants us at one of them over here, we just haven't figured out where that is yet. We've got a couple more on the list to try next week.

Sunday was exhausting for us going to two different services, one of which ended with a large Korean meal that we were pretty much forced to stay for (they seriously corralled us up 3 flights of stairs) but the food was okay, again...'interesting' describes it best. The people were very nice, the service was just not exactly...or really not anything like what we are searching for. But our Sunday ended nicely when we were invited to a new friend's house (that lives in our building) for cookies and a visit. The kids had a wonderful time with their three boys and Peter and I really enjoy them.

We went out to Suji's, a Korean restaurant, the other night with some friends. It was a fun experience and we ate a lot of new yummy foods. They cooked some of our meal right in front of us on the table.
Joshua was the 'bravest' of the kids and tried several things. We did feed all the kids dinner before we went out though, just incase. :)
Some of it was VERY least to me it was. The kimchi was good and very flavorful but I could only eat some of it before it was too hot for me!

We have had several places to eat recommended to us, so I'm sure we'll be trying more Korean food very soon.

Peter started work today. It's been SO nice having him home our first two weeks here. We got kind of spoiled for awhile! So today after he went to work the homesickness kicked in. :( I guess this is the part about the military life that isn't so much fun. I miss everyone back home in the States so much. Hopefully this place will start to feel a little more like 'home' when our household things arrive. They are suppose to be here this week. The kids are really looking forward to seeing their toys again!

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  1. We're so glad you guys were able to come over! We really enjoy you guys too, so fun to have friends and even better that you live so close!

    PS - I love your header picture - so cute!