Tuesday, June 29, 2010

AK Plaza and The Squid!

Tonight we had some friends take us to see AK Plaza and have dinner. AK Plaza is 8 stories of shopping and restaurants. The building is huge, beautiful and very modern inside with more shops than I have ever seen in one place. I didn't get many good pictures of the inside, but it is decorated very fancy.

We scoped out all the restaurants, almost all of which had huge windows out front full of models of some of their dishes. It all looked so pretty, and some of it looked appetizing.  :)
We finally decided on the "Good Restaurant"....that's what the sign said, so we gave it a try.
We all ordered different things and none of us were sure we were getting what we ordered since it was kind of difficult to communicate with the waiter. We did a lot of pointing to the menu!  :)
When the food came out, we still didn't know if it was what we ordered, but it all looked pretty!
All the plates had these fancy flowers on them...I'm not sure what they were made out of though.
Our friend Nick ordered some sort of noodle soup but it was a little different than what he thought he was ordering. First of all is was HUGE...you can't tell from the picture, but the bowl was as big as one of the dinner plates and very deep...more like a pot of soup than a bowl. There were noodles in there, but also a lot of other stuff!
We removed the big squid and Joy had a great time examining it.

There were lots of other side items they brought out. We tried all of them. 

We took the fancy glass elevator and tried to go up to the roof. It's only open during the daylight though, it was too late when we were there to go all the way up.
This is the view out of the elevator window. We're going to go back sometime when we can get up to the roof. 
And I can't wait to go back and go shopping sometime!

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