Saturday, June 5, 2010

South Korea Here We Come!

We picked up our passports yesterday and got our flight booked.....

We leave in one week, next Friday morning. We are so excited to join Daddy again and to begin our next great adventure at Camp Humphreys!

I'd appreciate the prayers next Friday if you think of it as I travel with these 4 little ones by myself...That alone will be an adventure!

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  1. Will do Bree. I pray for peace, strength, protection, and provision for everything you need to make the trip a blessed one. I am so pleased to have met you and Peter! From your wedding to your first apartment, ( didn't something catch on fire there )seeing and holding your first baby...worshipping together at church and then meeting for Womens Group at your first house on Avondale.Great memories. I hope we will keep in touch until we are together in our final Home!!! I love you guys!!!