Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still Having Fun

It's been so wonderful having Peter home with us these first two weeks. He'll start work next Monday, but for now we are enjoying this free 'vacation' and loving all of our time together! We're definitely getting spoiled!!

Our household goods won't be here for another week still so all we have to play with are the toys that we took in the backpacks on the airplane and a few others that were stuffed into the suitcases where there was room. So....not much. But today Joshua gathered up all his 'guys' and we found that there was a lot more to play with than we originally thought.  :) He counted 23 in all!

Then he made some yummy chocolate frosting for the cake that already had a piece or two taken out of it for those of us who couldn't wait for the frosting! LOL! 
Since it was his special time playing with and helping mom, he got to lick BOTH beaters clean...and he LOVED it! :)
It's frustrating at times trying to settle in and live without all our household goods yet, but we're finding ways to keep ourselves entertained and of course, we're still having FUN! :)

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  1. That last pic of Joshua is too cute. Hope your stuff arrives soon!