Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our First Few Days 'Home'

The kids really enjoyed be in the hotel but we were ALL glad to finally go 'home' on Tuesday.

We LOVE the house! I will post pictures soon. I wanted to get all of the suitcases emptied and put away before I took pictures, but that's kind of hard to do with no hangers! They will be here soon though with the first shipment of our house hold things. It is very bright and open and all the floors are wood so Joy is thrilled and thinks the whole place is her dance studio. :)

Here is our is very big!
We live on the first floor so thankfully we don't have to mess with stairs and elevators to get home. Below is our building entrance. It is kind of strange because all around are these huge buildings like in a big city, but it is so peaceful here. Even the kids have noticed how quiet it is. There are a lot of cars, but not a lot of traffic noise or even people talking! Not like us noisy Americans! LOL!

Joy has been particularly amusing.....her excitement about everything Korean is very cute! We've been waking up very early as our bodies get adjusted to the time difference and one morning she woke up and heard birds outside the window. So we opened it up to try and see them and hear them better. She said, "The Korean birds sound prettier than our American birds." Me - They sound the same to me. "Oh no Mom, they chirp differently....I can tell." Then later she was excited about a 'Korean caterpillar', and the 'Korean trees'...she's really soaking it all up and loving it! :)

We have been walking a lot and taking the bus since we don't have our car yet. It's a very strange feeling to be the "foreigners" as they call us here. As we were walking down the street I could see Korean children with their Mothers pointing out the windows and smiling at my little blonde haired American children walking by. All of the Korean people we have encountered have been so very nice. They are  curious about us and really seem to like Americans. Most of them speak at least some English and try very hard to when they are talking to us, which I think is so kind since we are in THEIR country. We should be the ones trying so hard! We have learned a few phrases and key words and try to use them  as often as possible. Peter has the Rosetta Stone program for learning Korean so we can continue to learn as much as we can of the language here even while we are at home.
The Korean people keep telling us how blessed we are to have four children! They will count in English '1-2-3-4!' and say 'Oh so blessed!' or '4! You so lucky!', '2 boys, 2 girls, blessings! Such blessings!' It is so refreshing to hear such positive comments about our family. They all seem to REALLY love children.   :)

Today we are heading to Osan to get our stamps in our passports at the immigration office and do a little shopping. We are finding that there are some things that we need that they don't have available on post here but we've heard we can find in Osan. After that, I plan on getting some pictures of the house up!

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  1. That story about Joy and the Korean birds is too sweet! I am loving your blog and reading about your adventures!