Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Painting!

This was TONS of fun! The kids loved it! I brought in a bucket of snow from outside and divided it up into three big bowls. They were REALLY excited to have snow in the house! :)
First we did some basic color mixing. I gave them each one color to be in charge of while we made the rainbow...
We used both paintbrushes and a medicine syringe to get the snow really soaked with color.
After our color mixing in the snow, they each had their own bowl of snow to paint. It actually lasted much longer than I thought it would! I thought for sure in the warm house that it would melt quickly, but it didn't. :)
Joshua enjoyed spattering the paint on and watching the snow soak it up.
Joy made a very interestingly colored snowman!
When I asked her why his eyes and mouth were on the top of his head she said,"He's praising the Lord!" :)


  1. SUCH a great idea! We're totally doing this today! Thanks!

  2. Looks like a really fun time! So creative! We've got some snow out there just waiting to be colored, this is going on our plan for the week. =) Thanks!

  3. That is THE MOST colorful snowman I've ever seen! Cute idea!