Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One of Mom's Favorites

This is one of my favorite recent pics of our little 'class' at home....
I took it yesterday when they were all doing their parts on the calendar board. (Samuel doesn't have a job for the calendar yet, he just likes to get in on the fun! :) And I'm REALLY enjoying my easel that my Love got me for Christmas! It's coming in very handy for this and my white board! I love that it will adjust to be low for them to reach or go up high for me to comfortable stand and write on, it's awesome.)


  1. This is SO PRECIOUS! I love homeschooling! I gotta remember to take more pictures of the things we do. Thanks for the reminder! Enjoy every minute!


  2. Look at all those kiddos! You really do have your own "class" =)
    And it looks like you are a great teacher Bre, keep up the good work!

  3. Aww...this is so sweet! Your calendar board is awesome too. Using an easel is a great idea. We don't have a permanent school room either and I hate having to drag everything out everyday. Mine just gets set on the floor against the wall, but an easel looks like it works great and the kids can still reach it. Msg me where you found yours. Did you buy it over here?