Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Family Interview

I got this fun idea here from It's a New Year Family Interview. Each member of the family answers the questions and you are suppose to save them until the next new year, when you get them out and read them again, probably laugh and reminisce and do a new one for the new, new year! :) I'm sticking ours in our Christmas box so we'll be sure to find them again at the end of the year.

The kids had fun and even Mom and Dad filled it out. There is room for two people per page to answer the questions. There is a place to write your name, which is always fun to see how the kids handwriting changes from year to year and then there are questions about your 'favorites', specific things about the last year and what you are looking forward to in the New Year. Here is Faithy writing her 'F' in the name spot.
Faith Elaina made all of us laugh of course with several of her answers....Her favorite toy, song and book of course had to do with 'Dora' and her best friend she said was Ethan, which came as no surprise! The thing she loved most about this last year..."Eating Chocolate!" We were very impressed when we asked her when her birthday was and she actually knew it was February! I'd never heard her talk about that before. But it was also her answer to what she's looking forward to in the new year, "Having a birthday!"

Joy of course was very thoughtful about her answers and took much longer than anyone else...
A few of her answers... Favorite Book: "The Nutcracker." What did you love about last year? "Losing a Tooth!"
Joshua wrote a few of his own answers then Daddy helped him with the rest. He couldn't choose a favorite color because he, "Just loves them ALL!" His best friend is still 'Landon' back in Illinois who he misses very much! Favorite Song: 'Blessed Be the Name' - he's been singing his heart out to that one since he was two and it's still his favorite.  :) 'What did you love about last year?' - "Playing at Oma and Papa's house."  :)

A few highlights from Mommy and Daddy's...
Daddy's favorite holiday - 4th of July and what did he love most about last year.... grenades. It was apparently, the greatest thrill of his life.  :) Go Army.
Mommy's favorite thing about last year - Our family being back together again after Daddy finished all his training so far away from us. 'What do you look forward to this year?'...HOPEFULLY - Moving on Post! Our name is still pretty far down the list, but I'm praying hard that we move up it quickly, I've had about enough of my tiny Korean kitchen and hardly any counter space. So I guess I'm wishfully looking forward to that, since we don't even know if it's a possibility for this year. But anything can happen right? It's a NEW YEAR!!

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  1. That is SUCH a great idea! I think I'm going to do it too :). It'd be cool to scrapbook it, along with pictures every year. What a cool thing to have as a keepsake when kids are older. I am trying to do better about all that because it happens so fast & my memory is so terrible :S. I will be praying you get on post & the house (apartment? I am so lacking in military living knowledge) has a nice Kitchen for you :).
    PS. I am pretty sure if my husband got to "play" with grenades he would think it was the coolest thing ever as well :)