Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The big kids all LOVE painting and with water color, literally for hours... if the paints don't run out before then. Samuel is getting big enough to know that he wants to be a part of whatever is going on up at the table, especially when everyone else is gathered there. So this day I decided to let Samuel paint with the big kids, but I wasn't up for him getting covered in paint. He has painted (not planned) before with food items many times and one of the kids' favorites for us all to do is pudding painting. But  I decided to try a new one this day and he seemed to enjoy it very much. We started with Ketchup and a paintbrush on wax paper taped down...
Then we added a little yellow mustard and he quickly threw the paintbrush and dove in with both hands creating a beautiful smeared mess of color! He thoroughly enjoyed it, but sadly, I didn't get more pictures than this because I had to put the camera down to keep him from rubbing his 'paint' all in his hair.
Faithy is really into using EVERY color in the box right now and keeps making tons of beautiful rainbow covered pictures. My kitchen cupboards look like an art gallery!...I Love it. :)


  1. I never let my kids paint - it's such a mess! But good for you brave mama! Ha!

  2. Your kids are SO beautiful Bre! I love Faith's faces, she cracks me up!

  3. I bet Samuel had SO MUCH FUN with the ketchup! He's such a cutie!