Monday, January 24, 2011

Good Boy :)

The following pictures will only be funny to you if you know his big sister Joy and her passion for all things "appropriate!"

Joshua got a really neat book from the library that is all about Star Wars. Each character has a two page spread all about them. He has really been enjoying it and we have all learned so much more about Star Wars (except Daddy, he already knew everything about it!)

Anyway, one evening everyone was kind of doing their own thing and Peter was sitting across the room from Joshua who was quietly looking at books. He caught these adorable pictures when the little man didn't know we were watching him. The first one is the page all about Han Solo and he's just enjoying the book like normal...
The next pages are all about Princess Leia. Notice the hand covering one of the pictures in the book? It's the picture where she's in her slave costume and minimally covered. He kept his hand covering it the whole time he was on those two pages, then turned the page quickly when he was done. We couldn't help but laugh! His sister must have gotten to him and told him what's what about immodestly dressed women, which she isn't shy about telling anyone! (laugh!) :)
We never asked him why or what he was doing, we just let it be. But we saw him do the very same thing again when he was reading it another day that week. No complaints from this Mama, all I can think is 'Good boy! Please keep it up!' but I thought I'd share cause I know a few of you will probably get a chuckle from it too.  :)


  1. Joy definitely taught him about modesty. That is the most adorable thing ever. Good job!

  2. I just wonder why he didn't cover up the inappropriate chest hairs coming out of Harrison Ford's low cut shirt...

  3. I LOVE this! How cute! You guys are doing such a great job ;-)