Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Recent Adventures Part 2

So I meant to get this up a couple of days ago but then we went a whole day without power and I have been so tired by the end of the day when I finally get a chance to get on the computer that I can't stay awake long enough to post anything! Our days have been busy...and eventually I'll get around to posting about that, but for now here's our other recent adventure I mentioned before.

Last weekend we ventured out once again and this time ended up at Hyeonchungsa. It was a very beautiful place that, among many other very cool things, was also the site of the shrine of Admiral Yi- Sun-sin. He was well loved over here and was a great leader and military hero many, many years ago. They still hold ceremonies there every year in honor of him and his family is buried on the grounds of the park. Even without all of the cool historical stuff though, it was an amazing place to just go for a walk on a gorgeous day!
The grounds which are now a park use to be the Admiral's personal land and on it is what use to be his home, a museum and an archery site among other things. It is all kept impeccably neat. There were even ladies out sweeping the few fallen leaves off the sidewalk with a broom!

It was a hot day so we had to stop for some Korean apple juice from the vending was VERY yummy!  :)

This is the small outer entrance to the Admiral's home. 
Sadly, we were not allowed to take pictures inside any of the buildings, but there were lots of cool things inside. I especially loved the museum. There were tons of amazing swords and other weapons from long ago and a smaller replica of the boat he built that helped him win his battles. It was so detailed and pretty in's a picture of it I found online since I wasn't able to get one of my own. They called it the Turtle Ship. 
The security guards looked pretty serious about no pictures, so I didn't try to take any for fear that they would take my new camera away! This is the first gate leading up to the shrine...

Joy was impressed by and pointed out all the detailed painting on the building that housed the shrine. 

This is the view from the top. We walked up hill quite a ways! The kids were was so beautiful I don't think we noticed how high up the hill we were going until we were up there. 

Samuel enjoyed a ride in the stroller that was too hot to ride in mom's pouch!
Afterwards we ate at a place close to base that caters to the American's around here. It was called "Bacon and Eggs".  :) It had really simple American food and looked like a good place to stop on our way home to cool off and fill our bellies. 
He looks like he's up to something huh?!  :)


  1. I love Joy's dress. Can you imagine how much constant upkeep it takes to keep the intricate painting looking so fresh? Very cool.

  2. How funny is this...we just stumbled on the same place on Monday! It was awesome!! I was thinking we should do family pics there :)