Friday, August 20, 2010

New Camera!

We finally got our new camera that we ordered back in July and I LOVE it! We decided to go with the Sony NEX series and are very happy with our purchase.  :)  Some of you have probably already seen some of these pictures that were posted on Facebook, but I thought I'd add a few of them up here too because I know not all the family is on FB. So here are a few favorite shots from the new camera...
I tested it out while I followed Faith around...the best shots always seem to be unplanned. I love getting pics of the kids while they are playing!
She doesn't normally like getting her picture taken, but I was just snapping them quick as she was playing and we were talking.
I think they turned out pretty cute! Now I'm even more addicted to taking pictures than before!
I love the sisters shots...
Too precious! I think these may need to be framed in their room.  :)

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  1. I must agree...these are too precious for words.