Friday, August 20, 2010

Pyeongtaek Lake

I haven't been very quick about posting about our recent adventures and then Peter gets impatient and wants to share them with everyone and just ends up posting them on Facebook! But I still like to write about them, so I'm going to put them up here anyway.

One of our favorite things to do is a family is to go for walks and play at new lakes and parks. So since being here we've been on the hunt for them, looking for nice places to go walking that are nearby. We were so spoiled in Missouri with the many, many beautiful parks and fun places to walk and play outside...we miss it so much!
Anyway, we finally found one the other day and decided to go check it out. Here is our city sign...I think it's interesting that it is in English letters and not the Korean character. We've found that a lot of store names are that way too...?? I don't know if it has just recently been constructed or if their just happens to be construction going on in front of it right now.
The lake was very pretty and breezy which was wonderful relief from the intense heat we have been continuing to have.
The kids loved the boats that looked like swans out there!
There was a really nice boardwalk that stretched most of the way around. The kids enjoyed getting to run for awhile. 
We wore them out letting them run all over this big ship deck, up and down the stairs.
There was a fountain out in the lake and we enjoyed watching the wind surfers too.
We then walked across the street to the Art Park and saw lots of neat sculptures and let the kids run through the fountain for awhile. (It was hot enough that we figured they'd dry off most of the way before we got back to the car...and they did!)
We found a pretty waterfall too!
We LOVE exploring new places, and this ended up being another very fun day for the Adamses!


  1. I like reading the commentary way better than just looking at pictures on facebook anyways!

  2. Love the sprinkler photos!!

  3. The pictures are much clearer when you put them on your blog and I love the stories that go along with them. It makes me feel like I'm right there with you. I had someone at church tell me that your blog was a good way.

  4. Do you homeschool over there? We recently got orders and I am looking for ANY information about homeschooling there that I can get my hands on! If you have any I would appreciate any help I can get! Thank you in advance!!! Jennifer McBroom