Monday, August 23, 2010

Recent Adventures Part 1

We are trying to get out and see something new every weekend and really get the most out of this amazing opportunity to experience living in a different country for awhile. Last week we drove up to Seoul (about 1 1/2 hours away) and went to the COEX Aquarium. It was VERY cool and we all really enjoyed it.
We saw a little bit more of Seoul than we did last time and got a few pictures of some of the cool buildings there are in that HUGE city.
Ok, this next picture isn't very clear, but I wanted to show you a glimpse of one of the attendants in the parking garage. Most of the large parking lots around here have them too. Even the free lots...there are just nice Korean attendants to bow and greet you as you come in and smile and wave as you leave. 
There were several in the parking garage. The women were all dressed like this and the men....well, they were dressed like this too, only their shirts and hats were blue! LOL! Yes, they even wear the little white gloves.  :)
The kids were each given a little 'goodie bag' from the aquarium that had cool books in them but of course, we can't read them...YET anyway.   :) Maybe someday we'll get around to reading Korean, I hope so. 
There was SO much to see!
It was really cool how many different things they had turned into aquariums.....
The Coke machine, a computer, telephone booth, fire hydrant, tv, bed, refrigerator, a toilet.....and so many more things.
The kids loved this one. We didn't get a picture of the whole thing, but it's a big bathtub that was turned into an aquarium and it has slits at the top for you to stick your hands into. The fish would nibble on your fingers...
This was one of the kids FAVORITE memories from the day! I was really surprised they were so brave. 
These were the girls' favorite fish out of the tons that we saw that day.  So sparkly!
Joshua loved watching the HUGE stingrays and Joy thought they were kind of scary. 
Some of their exhibits were so beautiful and lifelike....
It was definitely a day of beautiful sights. 
(For our fellow Veggie Tales fans) Yes...we all sang "Barbara Manatee!" while we enjoyed this view.  :)

There was a hands on area where the kids could hold starfish, and other sea creatures. 
She didn't want to at first, but eventually Faith decided it was okay to hold a starfish after seeing that her brother and sister still had all their fingers....she's no fool.  :)
The kids took turns being eaten by a shark...
Joshua really thought this was REALLY cool. We made sure he knew that it wouldn't be nearly as cool in real life. Only the plastic sharks are safe... :)
The girls were curious and freaked out at the same time by the giant spider crabs. I thought they looked pretty creepy!
We saw a pretty church on the way home too...
It was another fun adventure for the Adams family and we've had even more adventures since. Maybe I'll get a chance to post Part 2 tomorrow.  :) I'll try.

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