Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fascinating Movers

Today we had the opportunity to watch some movers right outside our back window and then again out front, a little further down our building. There are 12 floors where we live and though, there are elevators, they don't often use them when moving people in and out of our building. The kids were fascinated when early this morning the big ladder machine went up. They watched out the window and waited for the boxes to start flying up and down it!
Later in the morning, while there were still boxes and furniture 'flying' outside our windows, the kids wanted to go out and see how high up the ladder was and how far this stuff was really flying from.
We went out back and saw that the movers were moving someone out and from very high up...
They just throw everything on this little platform and let it fly down. It doesn't seem like they strap anything down even. It moves very fast too!
The kids were mesmerized!
Out front we noticed the same thing going on, only the movers over there were moving someone in and all the boxes and furniture were flying UP! See how much it all hangs over the edge...!
Faith didn't want to go inside. She would have watched them move the whole truckload in, but we had other things to do today! It was a very interesting experience in the neighborhood though and worth taking the time to check it out.  :)


  1. Bree! You and Peter seriously have the CUTEST kids ever! What fun adventures you all have been going on over these past weeks. I LOVE reading about them. Chris and I miss you guys so incredibly much and are contantly praying for you. Enjoy every moment of this season. God is doing great things through you! Love you guys!

  2. I had to show this to everyone at work since I work at a moving company. They were fascinated. I was told that this is how they do it in Mexico too. Always an adventure!